Press Release: Petition in Support of Injured AUC Bus Driver

May 9, 2009


Contact: Rania Nafei
Mobile (Cairo): 010 6871895

On Monday March 16th, Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim, an American University in Cairo (AUC) bus driver, was cleaning the roof of his bus when he slipped off and shattered one of his legs. As a result, he has incurred medical expenses amounting to £E11,000 (US$1,955) for surgery, plus an additional daily expense of £E80 (US$14) for medication.

Upon AUC’s move to its new campus the university administration outsourced the now-considerable task of transporting students, faculty and employees to Family Transport Corporation. Family Transport drivers earn approximately £E625 (US$111) per month and are expected to clean and store the buses owned by Family Transport as part of their employment, without access to facilities adequate to complete either task.

Family Transport has refused to compensate Mr. Hassan for his medical expenses and lost wages, and has responded instead by terminating Mr. Hassan’s employment. AUC has similarly neglected to take charge of Mr. Hassan’s welfare or to hold the company responsible. Additionally, six other workers have left the company on their own since Mr. Hassan’s accident and termination, a fact that points to Family Transport’s difficulty in retaining a qualified workforce under sub-par working conditions.

When word spread of Mr. Hassan’s accident, a petition directed toward AUC’s Board of Trustees was circulated by students throughout the AUC community asking for Mr. Hassan’s medical expenses to be paid. There has been an enormous response from the AUC community in support of Mr. Hassan, which has led to further examination of the moral and ethical responsibilities of AUC as an institution towards their employees and contracted workers. AUC does not offer medical benefits to its employees at an affordable cost, nor does it extend such benefits to contracted workers or require contracted companies such as Family Transport to do so for their own employees. In fact, AUC has no corporate social responsibility policy whatsoever.

Given that the AUC administration has thus far been unresponsive to the concerns brought to light by Mr. Hassan’s case, and given that members of the AUC community outside of the administration’s inner circle are denied official channels to reach the AUC’s Board of Trustees, we are compelled to approach the media with this petition. We are hopeful that the matter will reach the board’s attention in time for their next scheduled meeting in New York City during the week of May 11th-15th.

Scanned pages of the petition, so far amounting to 25 pages and over 400 signatures can be downloaded here:

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